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31 May 2012

Happy Last Day of School [plus some extra credit]

My dear students,

Thank you for the gift of being your teacher for the past two years. It has been quite the adventure and I wouldn't trade it for the world. More than anything,  I hope and pray that you will know Jesus for who He is, and that He shows you increasingly that there is no joy apart from Him. I also hope you remember how to write a thesis statement and diagram sentences too, but those come in at a close second :)

Little children, keep yourselves from idols. [1 John 5:21]

Love and prayers,
Mrs. Berg

PS - For extra credit, email me a haiku about how your last day of school went BY 12:00 NOON ON FRIDAY, JUNE 1.

24 May 2012

May 23 Homework

  • Bible 9: Continue preparing for exam; quiet times due tomorrow [15 days]
  • English 10: Diagramming ex. 10; prepare for exam
  • Computer: Xtranormal videos due tomorrow - work on yours at home here.
  • English 9: Grammar exercise 10; read Odyssey 993-999
  • English 11: Prepare for exams!

23 May 2012

May 23 Homework

  • Bible 9: Prepare for exam; quiet times [15] due Friday
  • English 10: Finish book for tomorrow; grammar due tomorrow
  • Computer: Xtranormal video due Friday
  • English 9: Read to page 980 in literature books
  • English 11: Prepare for exam

22 May 2012

May 22 Homework

  • Bible 9: Keep working on verses and preparing for exams; quiet times due this Friday!
  • English 10: Exam preparation; chapters 56-69 due tomorrow; sentence diagramming ex. 9-10 due Thursday [bring questions tomorrow] WITH SENTENCES WRITTEN OUT AND LABELED.
  • Computer: Xtranormal videos due Friday - be ready to show them!!
  • English 9: Grammar pg. 738 ex. 9; read The Odyssey pg. 950-955
  • English 11: Prepare for exam!!

21 May 2012

21 May Homework

  • Bible 9: Prepare for exam
  • English 10: Reading for Wednesday; bring grammar book tomorrow; prepare for exam
  • Computer: Presentations tomorrow
  • English 9: Hunger Games reflection essays and project; prepare for exam
  • English 11: Prepare for exam
PARENTS: All English classes have been given a sentence-diagramming review packet. Sentence diagramming will make up anywhere from 1/3 - 1/2 of their final exam [depending on the class]. There are practice exercises, and ALL types of sentences will be on the exam. It will be in their best interest to complete the packet this week or this coming weekend as they prepare for their exam :)

18 May 2012

May 18 Homework

  • Bible 9: Keep memorizing Isaiah 58 for final exam!
  • English 10: Chapters 41-55 due Monday with sticky notes - remember to write on your sticky notes what you're labeling - you can use them on your final exam!!
  • Computer: Birthdate presentations are Monday
  • English 9: Finish 'The Hunger Games' for Monday!
  • English 11: Finish 'The Crucible' for Monday!

17 May 2012

May 17 Homework

  • Bible 9: Quiet times in remaining OT books; Ezra/Nehemiah/Esther/Haggai/Zecharaiah/Malachi packet due tomorrow; Isaiah 58:1-10 quiz tomorrow
  • English 10: Chapters 35-40 due tomorrow; Grammar pg. 738 ex. 8
  • Computer: Birthdate presentations Monday
  • English 9: Grammar pg. 737 ex. 8; read ch. 18-20 for tomorrow
  • English 11: Grammar ex. 7